Tv wall mount shelf

Flat screen TVs are designed to be wall mounted. Not only does this provide a theater-like experience, it also saves valuable floor space. Yet I’ve been in countless homes with brand new flat screen televisions and they are sitting on a large bulky piece of furniture! Each time I see this, I’m reminded of the old school TV that my grandparents had sitting on their living room floor. But that is so 1980… now is the time to step into the future with a TV wall mount shelf!

Tv wall mount shelf looks great!

As Tvs get larger and the home theater becomes a reality for more homes, isn’t it time to enjoy your favorites movies and shows without the distraction of big, bulky furniture? And what about the bedroom, where there isn’t room for a Tv stand? Well the answer is simple – the TV Smart Shelf!

tv wall mount shelf with componentsThe TV Smart Shelf was designed for one purpose – to provide an uncluttered viewing experience of your flat screen Tv. This Tv wall mount shelf provides a place to put your components and hides your power cords and wires with a patented cord management system. Now your DVD or Blu-Ray player, cable box, game systems and more can sit directly beneath your Tv and all the wires are hidden.

High quality Tv wall mount shelf

While there are similar products on the market, none are as attractive and easy to install as the Tv wall mount shelf.

Here are some of the benefits of the TV Smart Shelf and what sets it apart from other Tv wall mount shelves on the market:

1. Installs without tools – the TV Smart Shelf attaches to the wall bracket of a wall mount the same way that the Tv brackets do. Not only can this be accomplished without tools, but it also allows your Tv wall mount shelf to be centered on the Tv and not on the wall studs.

tv wall mount shelf for gaming systems2. Award winning design – the TV Smart Shelf won an Innovations Design and Engineering award at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas. Combining form and fuctions, the sleek design and innovative cord management system not only impressed the judges, but the response from industry insiders at the show was overwhelmingly positive.

3. High quality, tempered 3/8″ glass – the TV Smart Shelf is constructed with thicker glass that any other shelf available on the market. Not only does this provide for a more stable shelf, but it also provides a more ascetically pleasing look.

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