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TV wall mount Walmart

tv wall mount with glass shelfWalmart is a great place to get a flat screen TV as their selection and prices are very reasonable. They also have a wide selection of wall mounts. The TV Smart Shelf is designed to work with the vast majority of stationary and tilt wall mounts and below is a list of mounts that you may find at a Walmart store near you or on their web site.

To get you going, here is where you can find these wall mounts online.

Walmart TV wall mounts compatible with the TV Smart Shelf

Tilting Wall Mount for 37″ to 70″ Flat Panel TVs – Model#: 63607063

This is a very versatile wall mount and what is especiallly nice is that it works with larger TVs. It will support up to 132 lbs which makes it ideal for plasmas as well. It comes very highly rated and is under $25.

Simple Fixed Wall Mount for 25″ to 37″ Flat Panel TVs, Black – Model#: 63607058

This is a super inexpensive wall mount from Walmart. Granted, it’s for smaller TVs and won’t support much weight, but for only $10, I’m not sure that you can find a wall mount at such a low price that comes with great ratings.

Sanus Classic MMT15-B1 Flat Panel TV Tilting Wall Mount for 26″ to 42″ TVs

Sanus is one of the leaders in the leaders in the wall mount market. They produce a wide variety of TV mounts. This model, available on the Walmart website, is very nice for mid-size TVs. It keeps your TV close to the wall for a sleek look and also incorporates a tilt feature and lateral shifting for perfect placement on your wall.

Level TV Wall Mount Fixed Mount Fits 34-65″ TV Model#: DC65LP

Level Mount is another trusted brand of TV wall mounts. This mount fits larger TVs, up to 65″ Although it does not have a tilt feature, this is a great mount at a great price for larger TVs. It comes very highly rated with 98% recommendation. The solid construction allows it to hold up to 200 lbs – great for the heavier plasma TVs.