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Bedroom ideas

Falling asleep to the TV is something that helps my wife and I fall asleep. Truth be told, we put on the same movie almost every night – The Fellowship of the Ring – and before Bilbo slips on the ring and disappears, her and I are both sawing logs. Now our bedroom isn’t the largest of room and in the midst of moving into our new house, the easiest place to put the Tv was on top of the dresser. Notice I said “easiest”. A Tv on the dresser is pretty ugly in my honest opinion so what we needed were bedroom ideas for placing our Tv.

Bedroom ideas for your Tv

bedroom ideas for wall mount tv

The simple solution for our bedroom Tv was to put it up on the wall. That said, since we love falling asleep to movies, we needed a place for our DVD player. Of course, we could have put the DVD player on top of the dresser, but the idea of putting the Tv on the wall was to reduce the clutter – and wires running from the dresser to the wall mounted Tv was not going to cut it.

We decided to go with a TV Smart Shelf. This product attaches to wall mounts without tools and provides a great place for your TV components. As you can see from our pictures, the shelf has plenty of room for our DVD player and we have extra space for more components like a Wii, Roku player, or the Dish Network Joey which will let us have cable in the bedroom.

Great bedroom ideas for wall mounted Tvs

bedroom tv solutions

Not only does the TV Smart Shelf look great with our wall mounted Tv, but it also saved valuable floor space. For most people, bedroom tend to have the least amount of accessible floor space. By the time you put in a bed, dresser and end table, there isn’t room for much else – let alone bulky Tv stands. So if you are looking for great bedroom ideas for your wall mounted Tv, I highly recommend the TV Smart Shelf for a very crisp look.

You can purchase the Tv Smart Shelf here.